January 9, 2009

Because a girl can dream.

I've discovered this great Nikon forum that distracts me for hours longer then it should and leaves me drooling over amazing pictures and dreaming of new lenses for my little D60. Because it can't hurt to dream, here's a little wish list (and I'm always accepting donations):

1. Nikon D300 body. It will eventually come time for me to upgrade from the D60, as much it will always be my baby and I will never, ever get rid of it. It was my first DSLR so therefore will always be my favorite.

2. Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8 lens. Basically the super expensive upgrade to my kit 18-55mm lens. Greater light range, less need for a flash with this baby. The pictures I've seen come from this lens are just stunning.

3. Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8 Fisheye. Because I want a fisheye lens. Seriously, that's the only reason. And it's a super wide angle. But the following item on the wish list eliminates the need for it, aside from the fact it's not a fisheye.

4. Sigma 10-20mm f/4 lens. Super wide angle never hurt anyone. And because it's not the Nikon Nikkor brand, it's (somewhat) more reasonably priced.

5. Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 lens. Again, another super expensive upgrade to a lens I already have. For the same reasons of greater light range and all that jazz.

6. Adobe Lightroom 2. After browsing the forum, it seems more people use LR to edit photos, something I've yet to really venture into, in comparison to Photoshop (which is what I have).

7. A really, really good tripod. I haven't really researched too heavily into it. Maybe I should, since it's probably the only reasonably priced option on this list.

8. The Kate Spade shoes I saw at Saks over a month ago. Completely unrelated but I was thinking about them earlier, since I work across the street from Saks.

As my mother always said, I always find the expensive way to any hobby. And my new passion in life is something that doesn't fit the poor college lifestyle. I wonder if I could sell my soul on E-Bay? Katie and I are supposed to go "hiking" tomorrow. Hiking in quotations because this is the Lowcountry after all. What will really happen? Walking around a park and me bringing the D60 with me of course. 

This morning's workout and this afternoon's work shift have left me exhausted and ready to crash. I need to rest up for my big hike tomorrow! And tomorrow is my dad's birthday! :)

(Big Eagles game is 2 days away. My insides are in knots.)

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