January 8, 2009

The evil sounds coming from our dryer

If I wasn't pretty certain it would result in a broken toe, I think I'd kick the shit out of our dryer. For the past couple weeks, it has been making the most awful noises no matter how many times we bang it, hit it, (lightly) kick it, shake it, punch it, etc. Now, I think it's deciding to not actually dry anything since the load of clothes in there has been in there for...oh 3 hours. Resulting in me sitting around the house all day, because there's still a load of laundry in the washer waiting behind it. 

So for three hours I've been listening to these awful noises. There's nowhere in the house to go to escape it, the walls are too thin. It's just the most irritating noise, over and over again. Like Dane Cook said, it's the sound that makes you want to punch a baby.

New episode of Grey's Anatomy tonight. I remember when this used to make more excited then it does now. What happened to that show? This only means to me that it's Thursday and that little thing called school is right around the weekend corner. Where did break go? Where was I? Why haven't I gone to get my books? That's right - sheer denial. The semester really isn't starting on Monday, and I really didn't decide to torture myself in my choice of capstones. 

Last night, wings with Michelle got me back into the swing of things down here. Who does love a night of good food, good conversation and good company? Besides, I topped it all off on a sweet note with dessert at Kaminsky's - one of my favorite places here and somewhere I haven't gone in far too long :) It was quiet, not overrun with tourists which is half the reason I usually avoid it, and I had my usual Tollhouse cookie pie. Even if the combination of dinner and dessert left me with a stomach ache, I enjoyed it!

Time to go check on my clothes. I can only hope they are dry.

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